Sustaining Diversity

One of the main reasons I moved to Mount Pleasant is because of the neighborhood’s diverse ethnic, cultural, professional, and socioeconomic makeup.

I wanted to make Mount Pleasant my home because I recognized that diversity is our community’s greatest strength.

The fact that Mount Pleasant residents hold a variety of jobs, live in different types of buildings, and choose various modes of transportation means that there are all kinds of people out and about at any given time. This non-stop hustle and bustle—borne of diversity—keeps the neighborhood safe, sustains local businesses, and attracts more people and families who also want to make Mount Pleasant their home.

If elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I believe that the policy positions I highlighted elsewhere on this site will, together, ensure equity and thus preserve Mount Pleasant’s diversity. 

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Mural along Klingle Road in Mount Pleasant. 

Mural along Klingle Road in Mount Pleasant.