Supporting Small Businesses

So much of what makes Mount Pleasant a great place to live comes from the vibrancy of the small business corridor on Mount Pleasant Street. From Beau Thai to Best World Market, and Ercilia’s to Old School Hardware, these restaurants, shops, bars, and community spaces add not only a fun way to unwind, but also much-needed jobs and investment to our neighborhood. 

If elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I would support small businesses by taking the following actions: 

  • Assisting with improvement grants from the District Bridges, which is an accredited organization of the D.C. Main Streets Program;

  • Pass resolutions that make it easier for new customers to visit Mount Pleasant, especially via public transportation, biking, and walking; and

  • Work with business owners to resolve issues with or submit applications to the D.C. Alcoholic Beverages Regulation Administration.

  • Encouraging the Smithsonian National Zoo to promote Mount Pleasant businesses as a destination for tourists looking for nearby places to eat and shop, especially if this takes the form of the Smithsonian offering a new shuttle service to nearby neighborhoods and public transit stops.

With increased small business investment in the neighborhood, there is also the possibility that other, larger corporations will open up stores in Mount Pleasant. Recently, Best World market reported that CVS Health was interested in opening a pharmacy at that location. I personally oppose CVS moving to the Best World location and signed a petition indicating my position.

Additionally, as a firm believer in a living wage for all people, I’ve been an ardent supporter of the Initiative 77 ballot initiative since the campaign was first collecting signatures. In February 2017, I volunteered to validate signatures and—after the initiative made it to the ballot—I was ecstatic to vote YES on 77 in June 2018. Abolishing the tipped minimum wage has led to real wage increases in several states that have already adopted similar measures, without leading to a decline in restaurant revenues. This is the right policy for D.C. and I urge the Council to uphold the will of the voters by implementing Initiative 77 in full.

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Suns Cinema, a bar and movie theater on Mount Pleasant Street.

Suns Cinema, a bar and movie theater on Mount Pleasant Street.