Building Shared Social Spaces

The friendliness of people in Mount Pleasant makes walking around the neighborhood a truly enjoyable experience. Seeing people on the street and outside of stores is one reason this neighborhood is so vibrant. I believe that building additional shared social spaces for all residents to relax in and enjoy is an important aspect to preserving our community-oriented culture.  

Thus, if elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I would take the following action:

  • Advocate for the building of shaded seating areas and concrete checkers/chess tables in Lamont Park (at Lamont and Mount Pleasant Streets). 
  • Take steps to increase sidewalk width and install benches along the Mount Pleasant Street business corridor. 
  • Support efforts to convert the vacant and fenced off public land at Kenyon and Mount Pleasant Streets into a shared community space. 
  • Hold the National Park Service accountable for maintenance of Rabaut Park, which is located at the intersection of Mount Pleasant Street, Columbia Road, and 16th Street. 

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The Mount Pleasant farmer's market in Lamont Park. 

The Mount Pleasant farmer's market in Lamont Park.