Ensuring Quality Public Transit Options

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA’s) recent push to complete large-scale, safety-related construction projects—also known as the SafeTrack initiative—has made traveling via the Metro rail and bus system harder for everyone. There are fewer trains and longer wait times between trains, which makes every trip on the Metro system take longer. 

I acknowledge that these types of safety improvement projects are necessary, but that doesn’t give Metro a free pass to provide poor quality service on parts of the system that aren’t undergoing construction. If anything, the inconveniences of SafeTrack mean that Metro must do better to ensure quality public transportation options on Metro buses and rail lines not affected by SafeTrack. 

To ensure quality public transit options for Mount Pleasant, if elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I will advocate for the following actions:

  • Add more 42 and H2/H4/H8 buses to run on the weekends and during the weekdays outside of rush hour.

  • Encourage the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to ban parking on and add dedicated bus lanes to 16th Street from Colorado Avenue all the way down to Farragut Square.

  • Advocate for doubling of bus service (through increased funding, supported by increased tax revenue) of buses on the 16th Street and 14th Street corridors.

  • Resist any effort by Metro to further reduce Metro rail’s operational hours, especially as closing Metro for any more time during the week would adversely affect Mount Pleasant residents’ ability to get to and from late-night jobs.

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Metro station in Washington, D.C.

Metro station in Washington, D.C.