Improving Bikeability and WalkabilitY

One of my favorite parts of Mount Pleasant is how I can live in this neighborhood without having to own a car. I’m able to bike, walk, or take the Metro rail/bus to almost anywhere in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region. However, even though the existing bikeability and walkability of Mount Pleasant are good, I believe we can make both even better. 

If elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I would improve bikeability and walkability in Mount Pleasant by supporting the following actions: 

  • Installing more bike racks all along the sidewalks in Mount Pleasant Street, from Harvard Avenue to Park Road. 
  • Installing more Capital Bikeshare bikes and docks at the docking station located at 17th Street and Mount Pleasant Street. 
  • Extending the bike lane on Irving Street into the small portion of Irving Street between Mount Pleasant Street and 16th Street.
  • Ensuring that street lights along Irving Street and Kenyon Street are functional and provide enough light for walkers at night. 
  • Extending the walk time and increasing walk signal frequency at the stoplight for crossing 16th Street at 16th Street. 

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Bike exchange event at Lamont Park in Mount Pleasant.

Bike exchange event at Lamont Park in Mount Pleasant.